Company overview, history, and values

Seaboard Envelope Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated envelope manufacturing company located in Southern California since 1939.  Committed to providing the best service.

Our Customer Service Representatives are always ready to provide prompt, concise and accurate assistance.  Our highly skilled production and shipping teams take great care in the production of a wide range of quality envelopes to meet your needs and the timely shipment of orders.

We stock over 40 different envelopes sizes and styles in a variety of colors; with the capability to produce custom envelopes to exact specifications.  Including custom windows, tint, printing (flexo or jet), seals (peel to seal, hot melt, and latex), flaps, and sizes.  Seaboard Envelope also offers converting of customer-supplied preprinted and unprinted stock.

Seaboard strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Our competitive advantage

  • We stock a wide range of over 40 different envelopes. Many of the envelopes are offered in a variety of 24# and 28# White Wove, Colors, and Krafts. Some with inside blue or black tint, and window envelopes.
  • We provide Inline specialty printing on standard and specialty sizes including business sizes, catalogs, and booklet envelopes, and jet printing for the smaller or more intricate jobs.
  • Standard and specialty (single or double) windows can be added to a variety of envelope sizes including full panel windows.
  • Specialty sealing (Latex, Peel to Seal, and hot melt) as well as perforations and various flap sizes are available to accommodate your needs.
  • Competitive pricing with quick turn times
  • Quotations offered in a timely manner


Unique Capabilities

  • Peel to Seal, Latex and Hot Melt Peel to Seal
  • Converting of Translucent and other specialty papers
  • Stock and ability to convert up to a 12 x 15-1/2 Catalog.
  • Inline Printing and inside tint capabilities on large booklet envelopes.